Tragic Dating Experience No.3

One of the many benefits of living in London is that you get the opportunity to meet a variety of people from all walks of life.

Or so they say.

Once I got messaged by a guy who I’d ‘super liked’ on Tinder and I was thinking; ‘fuck yeah this guy’s witty and sexy and French and….sexy?’

Anyway, next thing I know he’s asking me to meet him at Mile-End station the following evening where he’ll, and I quote, “pick me up.”

What the fuck Jonathan?

I’m obviously not going to do that am I Jonathan.

Do I look like a nymphomaniac to you Jonathan?

I mean seriously Jonathan there are such things as escort services you can use.

Actually Jonathan you know what might be better?

Is if you just stopped acting like a creep πŸ™‚


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