Beauty Picks for May! 


Around three years ago, I used to make YouTube videos reviewing fashion and beauty products. It was an interesting and fun hobby one that gave me a lot of fulfilment, but once I got to university I packed the whole thing up. I simply did not have the time, nor the funds, to carry on with it. Unfortunately, now I do have the time for it, the YouTube beauty blogger community is just not what it was. Last month I watched Samantha Maria, or ‘Beautycrush’ as she was once known as, unbox a Gucci handbag worth £1,500 that she then proclaimed she was going to take to Coachella. I mean how horribly pompous is that? I want the old, more practical and modest Sammi back please.

Anyway, apart from the fact that YouTube has gone to complete pot, (Sianshutterbug deactivated her channel too, pretty much for the same reasons I’ve just outlined), I actually miss it. So instead, I came up with an ingenious idea, why not just write a few monthly picks when you can be bothered and show off a few outfits every once in a while? Well that’s exactly what I’m going to do. The politics and the satire will be staying too though, don’t you worry.


1.) Real Techniques Miracle Sponge.image3

For those of you who don’t know, Real Techniques is a make-up brush company owned by Sam and Nic Chapman, who are both beauty Youtubers ironically enough.

I use a lot of their brushes but this ‘Miracle Sponge’ has topped them all. Firstly, it gives your foundation a lovely even finish which is great for people like me who prefer a more natural look. However, it also caters to people who prefer a fuller coverage by allowing you to buff or ‘press’ foundation into your skin. The two ends are perfect for blending concealer, the point for blemishes and the curve for under your eyes. I really do love this product because it allows me to get just the right consistency of coverage that I want, leaves a smooth and even finish and is suitable for everyone.

2.) Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In Place Lip Pencil in ‘Pink.’image1.JPG

I’ve only just recently discovered lip liners. Before, I literally couldn’t be arsed with the hassle of putting on lip-liner and then lipstick. I had horrible visions of that 90s look where Madonna’s lip liner was a completely different colour to her lipstick.


Estée Lauder have had me converted and I am now preaching their gospel. Don’t get me wrong, applying lip-liner takes a lot of practise. The first couple of tries will probably have your mouth looking slightly wonky. But its so worth it! Long-lasting lipstick and more lip definition are the two benefits I have noticed the most.


The only thing I would say however is I’m not entirely sure this particular Estée Lauder lip liner is worth the money. Whilst you do get a cute brush on the end and a metal cover on the end of the pencil, the brush is hard and the pencil needs sharpening regularly. Therefore, whilst I love the colour, the matte finish and the result, the packaging is not ideal and you could probably get the exact same quality from cheaper brands such as Mac or No.7 at Boots.

3.) No.7 Velvet Lash Mascara.

image2 3
Have I ever told you that I completely adore drug-store mascaras? Personally, I think most high-end mascaras are pretty crappy. Especially Benefit’s which feel as if someones secretly super-glued your eyelids together every time you come to wash them off in the shower.

If you’re someone like me who has naturally long lashes and just wants extra volume this is perfect. The formula isn’t too wet like some mascaras I’ve used, even to begin with and the brush is fairly big which is great for both length and volume. Of course, it is harder to define your lashes with a brush like this, image3 2but
honestly this has never bothered me. Frankly, anyone who says that you can define every lash perfectly with a certain mascara is either lying or has too much time on their hands in the mornings. Also, who the hell pays that much attention to your eyelashes anyway? I for one, do not inspect my friends eyelashes every time I see them.


4.) Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Filmstar Bronze and Glow’ in Light to Medium.

image2 2.JPG

I could literally sing from the rooftops about how amazing this product is, seriously, you need to buy this. I understand that contouring is not for everyone, it’s a lot of aggravation, takes a lot of practise and sometimes the end results can be, let’s just say, less than desirable. But you are talking to the converted here and contouring really does help improve how defined your bone structure looks.

Some people choose to buy a bronzer and a highlighter separately which is fair enough, others choose to buy sets. This particular contour kit from Charlotte Tilbury has a ‘sculpt’ side and a ‘highlight’ side, both of which are powders. I’m not too keen on cream contour palettes, they’re messy, there’s aimage1 2 lot of blending involved and they don’t give the most natural finish. Whereas with this, you literally sculpt with powder and then put the highlighter on and you’re good to go in a matter of minutes. The colours aren’t too dark/bright either, which means you get a natural definition and a healthy glow. This is rather than, your cheekbones looking like an alien spacecraft signal every time someone walks past you.

The packaging is absolutely beautiful too, all metal with a gold finish and that big mirror which is pretty darn useful, what is not to love? However please do be careful with Charlotte Tilbury products. They are ridiculously expensive and some of them are not worth the money at all! For example, her concealer pen and eyebrow pencil are nothing special and there are lots of affordable low-end dupes you can buy.

I hope you enjoyed these mini-reviews, please let me know if you’d like to see more beauty/fashion posts! Also, as you can see, I’ve had some more tattoos done so an update will be posted soon 🙂








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