Summer Favourites!

Hi everyone,

This time I’m going to be talking about a variety of things I’ve been growing rather fond of over the summer. These aren’t just beauty picks but some fashion and foodie stuff too, even a book. I’ve loved getting these bits together to show you so I hope you enjoy reading this post! Don’t forget to follow πŸ™‚

1.) Teapigs – Morning Glory Everyday Brew.Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

I’ve never been a huge fan of what I would call ‘posh tea.’ (Posh tea being green tea, chai tea, this tea is going to save your life tea etc). However, when I came across Teapigs ‘Everyday Brew’ I got super excited. Basically, I hate any tea that you can’t put milk and sugar in to make it taste….better. This tea tastes really good though and I have been trying to drink it without any naughty extras. The teabags are biodegradable and fair-trade, so the tea is good for the planet too! Everyday Brew comes in packs of 50 teabags and usually these are priced at around Β£10. This may seem expensive, (50p per teabag), but you can always use them as a treat and to be honest I’m still going with my first pack after a month. If you are a fan of what I would consider to be ‘posh tea,’ Teapigs do plenty of them including your bog-standard green tea, popcorn tea and even chilli chai tea. #Sofuckinghipster. You can check them out here.

2.) Book of the Month – Tell No One by Harlan Coben.Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

Since finishing university I’ve stuck my teeth into reading again and ploughed through 4 books already. I’m a huge fan of crime/mystery/thrillers and my favourite book so far has been Tell No One by Harlan Coben. I was introduced to Coben by a family friend and since reading this book I have rambled on about it to everyone only to find that my Aunt is a huge fan of his too. The book follows the story of Dr. David Beck who’s wife was murdered 8 years previously. Beck starts getting strange emails which allude that his wife is still alive and thus he begins to investigate. I think the reason I enjoyed this book so much is because I appreciated how clever Coben is as an author. Nothing within this particular story is too graphic or scary and Coben adds a lot of humour to give you a giggle when you feel you need one. As a result, the novel can appeal to a lot of different audiences. Similarly, Coben ties all the loose ends together so you feel as you get a proper closure to the story, rather than him trying to do the ‘edgy’ by forcing you to form your own conclusions. As this story is a one off and not part of a series, I would recommend Tell No One to literally anyone. Coben is amazeballs.

3.) Chanel – Chance Eau Tendre Perfume.Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

This Chanel perfume is an old favourite. I’ve been wearing this fragrance every summer for about 3 years and still love it. Chanel do a few variations of their classic perfume Chance but the Eau Tendre just appealed to me the most. It has a lovely fresh scent that reminds me of apples. (I’m not going to go all Bloomingdales on you but please bear with). It is also very light and feminine which is perfect for the spring/summer. When it comes to perfumes, I definitely think you get what you pay for. All Chanel perfumes are literally exquisite and stay on my skin for ages. Thankfully my Mum works for Boots so I get discount but perfumes make great birthday and Christmas presents too. If you’ve never tried a Chanel perfume I would definitely urge you to treat yourself and get one.

4.) BirkenstocksProcessed with VSCO with 4 preset

I needed a new pair of black sandals ever since the strap on my old ones broke after a strenuous day at Thorpe Park. My cousin wore a pair of black Birkenstocks to my birthday meal and I instantly fell in love with them. I usually hate buying the same things as other people, (Birkenstocks are all the rage this summer), but they are so comfortable and easy to wear I was converted into buying myself a pair. Despite the cork style sole I’ve found that surprisingly, they go with most outfits. They’re not for everyone, for one thing they are quite hard and despite looking wide, the indents for your foot make them more suited to narrow feet. However, there are loads of different styles and colours to choose from so there’s definitely something for everyone. You can check out the Birkenstocks website here.

What products have you been enjoying this summer? Stay tuned for more monthly favourites.


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