Diary Entry – Edinburgh, November 2016


A few weeks ago my Ma and I travelled to Edinburgh to celebrate her birthday. It was absolutely FREEZING, (I dread to think what the temperature would be like in January), but we had the most fabulous time. I’ve created a visual diary to share with you all to show you what we got up to over that very cold but very beautiful weekend.

Fear not! I shall be writing a blog post about the terrible news regarding the ‘President Elect’ of America. I’ve ordered my shotgun by the way, get them now whilst stocks last! However, these things take time to research and process and I have a full-time job now, HA lucky me! So it takes even longer. I like to present a valid, well-balanced and clear argument in my pieces, so I’m afraid you’re just going to have to wait 🙂

Anyway political rant over…back to the diary…

 3rd of November

Travelling from Kings Cross and dinner at The Dome, Edinburgh.

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4th of November

Breakfast at Patisserie Valerie, city walks and dinner at Wildfire, Edinburgh.

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5th of November

Mama’s actual birthday, Edinburgh Castle and dinner at Tom Kitchin’s The Kitchin.

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Lydia x

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The Power of Make-Up


I have never considered myself to be a vain person. I don’t take hours to get ready or feel the need to look absolutely perfect. I learnt pretty quickly that the women you see on the front of Vogue or in glossy fashion adverts are not ‘real’ women. They are tweaked women, women who have been airbrushed into perfection. The Kardashians are a prime example and I hate the fact girls seem to have this fascination with Kylie Jenner on Instagram. She’s nothing special, she’s just a girl who’s had plastic surgery to become what she believes is the perfect ideal, both facially and physically. I’m not criticising her choice to do that, hell, with her financial allowance I would expect it, but I do think that it’s putting false expectations on young women to look a certain way. Unless you have millions, or impeccable genes, you are never going to look like Kylie Jenner. That’s the cold hard truth any normal woman has to deal with.

Make-up is an avenue in which women, and men, can improve their appearance less permanently and at a much cheaper price. Personally, it boosts my confidence, allows me a flow of creativity every morning and quenches the retail thirst I get every time I walk into Debenhams. I spend a ridiculous amount of money on make-up, hundreds every year in fact, but it’s something I feel benefits me. I have very sensitive skin too, so cheap make-up products are a no go. I once tried a Rimmel London Foundation which I can only describe as sulphuric acid, it literally nearly burnt my skin off. (Kate Moss you have my utmost respect). Plus, the more you pay the better the make-up is in my opinion, sometimes there are those rare gems but usually I’d choose a high-end product over a drugstore one any day. I’m a snob when it comes to make-up….and champagne, those are the only things I’m snobby about, PLEASE you have to believe me. Oh and food…ok I’m an undercover middle-class capitalist, there I said it.

My history with make-up is a pretty bog standard one. Whilst I was at secondary school I literally never wore make-up. I didn’t see the point. I tried to occasionally alleviate the incredible peer pressure I felt to wear make-up, once coming into school resembling a clementine on a cocktail stick. But as time went on, I began more and more to ignore the pressure. I was always seen as an individual, even at primary school, (the ‘weird’ kid nobody liked etc). As I got older, however, I learnt that it was okay to be different from other people. I only began to wear make-up in college and then gradually progressed into wearing it every day. Now, I wouldn’t say I wear it to conform, I’m just genuinely more interested in the cosmetic industry, find putting on make-up rather enjoyable and if anything it makes me feel better about my appearance. Ultimately, I do it for me.


The moral of the story is never do anything to your appearance for anyone apart from yourself. Life’s too short. I see girls posting selfies on Instagram every week, sometimes every day and I think; who are you actually doing this for? Granted everyone loves to be complimented, loves to have likes on their pictures but don’t make it part of your weekly routine. Women should have enough confidence to look in the mirror and think ‘damn girl you are looking fine today’ without needing to get confirmation on social media. Period. Oh and that includes Kylie fucking Jenner.


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Tragic Dating Experience No.6

Men are hard work.

I’ve talked about this before and I’m going to talk about it again, romance and relationships are not what they used to be 50 years ago.

Guys are textbook, they want to get their leg over, that’s what it boils down to. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t all men’s top priority and there are a fair few who do want relationships, but for most guys sex is important. I think girls should always keep this in mind, (to an extent at least), when talking to a guy, it helps you work out their intentions pretty quickly.

Sex may be important but what a guy forgets is, not all girls are going to just bend over. You’re not going to woo me over the phone pal, I need to meet you first, gauge some chemistry, you know? Some girls will just sleep with anyone, some girls aren’t fussed when they’ve had a few vodkas. I get that. That’s their choice. But some of us females are not like that, so don’t have a go at me and start acting like I’ve wasted YOUR time when I say no thanks. I don’t owe you anything just because we matched on Tinder or you bought me a drink. Grow up.

Unfortunately this has happened to me numerous times and once it went terribly wrong, alcohol fuels stupidity after all. 3 years ago I went to Ibiza and met a cute guy who I was really in to, for confidentiality and practical purposes we shall refer to him as A. The next night, my friend and I went out with some guys from our hotel and one of them, who I shall refer to as B, was pretty into me. Now, I’ll hold my hands up, I rinsed him, but to be honest when you’re in a club that’s charging €13 a drink any girl would be a twit not to. A glass that refills itself? That’s magic.

So B was buying me drinks but then A was in the club too. I was drunk, I was stupid and I kissed A in full view of B. B went nuts and started a fight with A in the smoking area. As you can imagine this gave me mixed emotions, half of me was flattered whilst the other half was bottom-line mortified. Classic Bridget Jones moment. To be fair though, as I pointed out at the time, I’d never kissed B or promised him a bonk and to think that I was automatically his just because he bought me a few drinks is ridiculous.

Ladies and gentlemen, the moral of the story is don’t expect anything from anyone and you won’t be disappointed.

The funny thing is, a few days later I found out that back in Cardiff, B had a girlfriend at home sucking eggs.

So I dropped her a message…

and yes, the photo is of me, in Ibiza, eating KFC and giving absolutely zero fucks.


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Summer Favourites!

Hi everyone,

This time I’m going to be talking about a variety of things I’ve been growing rather fond of over the summer. These aren’t just beauty picks but some fashion and foodie stuff too, even a book. I’ve loved getting these bits together to show you so I hope you enjoy reading this post! Don’t forget to follow 🙂

1.) Teapigs – Morning Glory Everyday Brew.Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

I’ve never been a huge fan of what I would call ‘posh tea.’ (Posh tea being green tea, chai tea, this tea is going to save your life tea etc). However, when I came across Teapigs ‘Everyday Brew’ I got super excited. Basically, I hate any tea that you can’t put milk and sugar in to make it taste….better. This tea tastes really good though and I have been trying to drink it without any naughty extras. The teabags are biodegradable and fair-trade, so the tea is good for the planet too! Everyday Brew comes in packs of 50 teabags and usually these are priced at around £10. This may seem expensive, (50p per teabag), but you can always use them as a treat and to be honest I’m still going with my first pack after a month. If you are a fan of what I would consider to be ‘posh tea,’ Teapigs do plenty of them including your bog-standard green tea, popcorn tea and even chilli chai tea. #Sofuckinghipster. You can check them out here.

2.) Book of the Month – Tell No One by Harlan Coben.Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

Since finishing university I’ve stuck my teeth into reading again and ploughed through 4 books already. I’m a huge fan of crime/mystery/thrillers and my favourite book so far has been Tell No One by Harlan Coben. I was introduced to Coben by a family friend and since reading this book I have rambled on about it to everyone only to find that my Aunt is a huge fan of his too. The book follows the story of Dr. David Beck who’s wife was murdered 8 years previously. Beck starts getting strange emails which allude that his wife is still alive and thus he begins to investigate. I think the reason I enjoyed this book so much is because I appreciated how clever Coben is as an author. Nothing within this particular story is too graphic or scary and Coben adds a lot of humour to give you a giggle when you feel you need one. As a result, the novel can appeal to a lot of different audiences. Similarly, Coben ties all the loose ends together so you feel as you get a proper closure to the story, rather than him trying to do the ‘edgy’ by forcing you to form your own conclusions. As this story is a one off and not part of a series, I would recommend Tell No One to literally anyone. Coben is amazeballs.

3.) Chanel – Chance Eau Tendre Perfume.Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

This Chanel perfume is an old favourite. I’ve been wearing this fragrance every summer for about 3 years and still love it. Chanel do a few variations of their classic perfume Chance but the Eau Tendre just appealed to me the most. It has a lovely fresh scent that reminds me of apples. (I’m not going to go all Bloomingdales on you but please bear with). It is also very light and feminine which is perfect for the spring/summer. When it comes to perfumes, I definitely think you get what you pay for. All Chanel perfumes are literally exquisite and stay on my skin for ages. Thankfully my Mum works for Boots so I get discount but perfumes make great birthday and Christmas presents too. If you’ve never tried a Chanel perfume I would definitely urge you to treat yourself and get one.

4.) BirkenstocksProcessed with VSCO with 4 preset

I needed a new pair of black sandals ever since the strap on my old ones broke after a strenuous day at Thorpe Park. My cousin wore a pair of black Birkenstocks to my birthday meal and I instantly fell in love with them. I usually hate buying the same things as other people, (Birkenstocks are all the rage this summer), but they are so comfortable and easy to wear I was converted into buying myself a pair. Despite the cork style sole I’ve found that surprisingly, they go with most outfits. They’re not for everyone, for one thing they are quite hard and despite looking wide, the indents for your foot make them more suited to narrow feet. However, there are loads of different styles and colours to choose from so there’s definitely something for everyone. You can check out the Birkenstocks website here.

What products have you been enjoying this summer? Stay tuned for more monthly favourites.


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Diary Entry – 21st Birthday and Getting a Kitten!

Hi, hello, yo, wagwan,

I just wanted to briefly update you about what’s going on in my ~life~ seeing as I said I would from time to time.

Last month I turned twenty-one and literally had the BEST birthday ever. I had a party in my garden and got absolutely rat-arsed from consuming a vast array of different alcoholic beverages with my friends. I don’t really remember much after 10pm but that kinda goes without saying on your birthday right? Pisshead. The following weekend I went out with my family for a meal which was really lovely and I drank quite a bit that night too, oops. Here are some photos:

The day after my party, despite being hungover, I went to Thorpe Park with some friends. (For my American followers benefit Thorpe Park is a theme park.) Metaphorically speaking I shat myself consistently throughout the day, but I also laughed a hell of a lot too. There is something overwhelmingly marvellous about hearing your friend both scream and laugh on a roller coaster and it always sets me off into a complete fit of giggles. The highlight of my day came when Miles refused to put his hood up on the water flume because “he couldn’t hear anything” and then ended up getting completely saturated. Ah, to laugh at other people’s expense, nothing beats it.

As part of my birthday present, Mum and I adopted a kitten from Cats Protection. Her name is Margo, she was born on the 16th of April this year and I am already totally in love with her. I have never known whamargot2t it would be like to have a two-year old child until now. Margo needs CONSTANT attention and she’s very mischievous and inquisitive.  I honestly think that all objects Margo comes across she believes are there for her own personal enjoyment. When Margo wants attention she will gently lick and paw you to death. All of this is very cute but also very annoying. Mum and I are still training her not to destroy everything, especially the toilet roll and our bookmarks.
Despite all this, Margo is very loving and affectionate when she wants to be, makes me laugh every day (especially when she chases her own tail) and I’m sure she will bring us a lot of happiness for years to come. #Newfourleggedbestfriend.


So…things are pretty good at the moment! My birthday made me realise that I am blessed to have so many amazing people in my life who truly care about me. Obviously finishing university and moving back home has been a bit of a bummer, but I am ready to start a new chapter in my life and move on. I have my graduation ceremony this week and a few interviews lined up for some jobs I applied for, so these are all good reasons to stay positive!

I hope you are all staying happy and positive yourselves as I know life can sometimes be truly shit. I have a few blog posts lined up over the coming months so please stay tuned and subscribe!


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It’s Been an Eventful Month for British Politics…

…and I can’t say I’m too happy about it either. I’ve waited a while to write about this because I wanted to see what the immediate repercussions were before I passed any opinion.

First of all, the British public voted to leave the EU. Not Parliament, the British public. 52% of us voted leave, whilst 48% voted to remain. That is a mere 4% between the two factions and I think it’s fair to say that these figures suggest the public are completely divided on the EU issue. I voted remain, simply because I was fed up of immigration scaremongering. Whilst I agree that immigration is an issue, there are ways of combatting these problems without leaving the EU, such as bringing in a points system or quite simply accepting the fact that immigrants are human beings. Since the results, there have been horrifying instances of assaults fuelled by racism sweeping across the country. One polish family got hate mail posted through their letterbox and their shed burnt down, whilst Jo Cox was stabbed to death in her constituency for defending immigrants in Parliament, by a Britain First supporter. If I’ve learnt anything from these cases it’s that British people are uneducated and naive when it comes to immigration. Just because someone immigrates to your country, doesn’t mean that you’re any better than them or that you have the right to public services any more than they do. They’re a human being, they might be trying to make a better life for themselves and their families, they might be escaping conflict. It’s not fair to assume that all immigrants are criminals or all Muslims are terrorists trying to convert a whole community to Islam. These assumptions are quite simply ludicrous and there is plenty of information online about immigration statistics to suggest that actually, immigration is a benefit to Britain. I would also just like to say that before passing an opinion on a religion, people should take the time to read about it and understand it. ISIS is a completely different branch of Islam to that which we see in the UK, it is extreme and actually contradicts many principles of the faith.

I’m not going to complicate things in this blog post and start waffling on about economics or statistics, there are plenty of articles online which suggest that leaving the EU will seriously damage Britain both economically and politically. But did the British public listen to the experts? No they didn’t, that much is painfully obvious. Approximately £1.4 TRILLION left the UK economy in the first 24 hours after Brexit and surprise surprise, the experts were right, because things don’t seem to be improving. Moreover, that £350 million Nigel Farage promised leave voters and the NHS, seems to have disappeared down a dark dark drain full of lies and empty promises. I’d just like to point out too that maybe the real reason the NHS is failing is because of Jeremy Hunt’s cuts and not immigrants, oh no sorry, that’s not true is it, immigrants are to blame for EVERYTHING apparently, silly me.

A lot of people I know who voted leave, voted leave because they believe Britain should be independent again and I quote, “be able to make their own laws.” Anyone who’s studied the law system, at any level, will be able to tell you that actually we do make our laws quite successfully. Yes, we do have to follow regulations set out by the EU, or did, but they were there to protect us. In fact, despite being law, these regulations don’t really affect the British public as much as you might think and actually, the EU has very little say in a lot of our domestic policy. Jon Henley has written a fantastic article outlining a lot of myths about the ‘perils’ of the EU, which you can read here.

After the results came in it was such a shock that everything went completely tits up in Parliament. Cameron resigned, Farage hung up his frogs legs and Labour tried (and is still trying) to get rid of Corbyn. As a Corbyn supporter myself, I’ve had a considerable amount of backlash from Tories regarding Corbyn’s ability to manage the labour party successfully and lead the remain campaign. All I have to say in my defence is, practise what you preach. The whole country is in disarray because your leader, THE PRIME MINISTER, failed a remain campaign himself and has resigned as a result. Someone on my Facebook newsfeed actually had the gumption to say that she wondered how many people signing the petition for a second referendum actually voted remain in the first place. I nearly regurgitated.

I’m still very disappointed by the outcome of the EU referendum and I probably will be for a long time to come. I don’t honestly think the public were qualified to make such a decision either. Not everyone takes the time to read the facts, or do their research. Politicians lie, they tell you what you want to hear and that’s one of the reasons why I have so much respect for Jeremy Corbyn, he’s honest, in fact, perhaps he’s a bit too honest. The only positives that have come from the results of EU referendum is that it’s shaken Parliament up considerably, exposed party leaders for what they really are and made young people become more interested in politics.

I just hope in the future, those young people stand up for what they believe in and teach their own children to do the same.


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Beauty Picks for May! 


Around three years ago, I used to make YouTube videos reviewing fashion and beauty products. It was an interesting and fun hobby one that gave me a lot of fulfilment, but once I got to university I packed the whole thing up. I simply did not have the time, nor the funds, to carry on with it. Unfortunately, now I do have the time for it, the YouTube beauty blogger community is just not what it was. Last month I watched Samantha Maria, or ‘Beautycrush’ as she was once known as, unbox a Gucci handbag worth £1,500 that she then proclaimed she was going to take to Coachella. I mean how horribly pompous is that? I want the old, more practical and modest Sammi back please.

Anyway, apart from the fact that YouTube has gone to complete pot, (Sianshutterbug deactivated her channel too, pretty much for the same reasons I’ve just outlined), I actually miss it. So instead, I came up with an ingenious idea, why not just write a few monthly picks when you can be bothered and show off a few outfits every once in a while? Well that’s exactly what I’m going to do. The politics and the satire will be staying too though, don’t you worry.


1.) Real Techniques Miracle Sponge.image3

For those of you who don’t know, Real Techniques is a make-up brush company owned by Sam and Nic Chapman, who are both beauty Youtubers ironically enough.

I use a lot of their brushes but this ‘Miracle Sponge’ has topped them all. Firstly, it gives your foundation a lovely even finish which is great for people like me who prefer a more natural look. However, it also caters to people who prefer a fuller coverage by allowing you to buff or ‘press’ foundation into your skin. The two ends are perfect for blending concealer, the point for blemishes and the curve for under your eyes. I really do love this product because it allows me to get just the right consistency of coverage that I want, leaves a smooth and even finish and is suitable for everyone.

2.) Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In Place Lip Pencil in ‘Pink.’image1.JPG

I’ve only just recently discovered lip liners. Before, I literally couldn’t be arsed with the hassle of putting on lip-liner and then lipstick. I had horrible visions of that 90s look where Madonna’s lip liner was a completely different colour to her lipstick.


Estée Lauder have had me converted and I am now preaching their gospel. Don’t get me wrong, applying lip-liner takes a lot of practise. The first couple of tries will probably have your mouth looking slightly wonky. But its so worth it! Long-lasting lipstick and more lip definition are the two benefits I have noticed the most.


The only thing I would say however is I’m not entirely sure this particular Estée Lauder lip liner is worth the money. Whilst you do get a cute brush on the end and a metal cover on the end of the pencil, the brush is hard and the pencil needs sharpening regularly. Therefore, whilst I love the colour, the matte finish and the result, the packaging is not ideal and you could probably get the exact same quality from cheaper brands such as Mac or No.7 at Boots.

3.) No.7 Velvet Lash Mascara.

image2 3
Have I ever told you that I completely adore drug-store mascaras? Personally, I think most high-end mascaras are pretty crappy. Especially Benefit’s which feel as if someones secretly super-glued your eyelids together every time you come to wash them off in the shower.

If you’re someone like me who has naturally long lashes and just wants extra volume this is perfect. The formula isn’t too wet like some mascaras I’ve used, even to begin with and the brush is fairly big which is great for both length and volume. Of course, it is harder to define your lashes with a brush like this, image3 2but
honestly this has never bothered me. Frankly, anyone who says that you can define every lash perfectly with a certain mascara is either lying or has too much time on their hands in the mornings. Also, who the hell pays that much attention to your eyelashes anyway? I for one, do not inspect my friends eyelashes every time I see them.


4.) Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Filmstar Bronze and Glow’ in Light to Medium.

image2 2.JPG

I could literally sing from the rooftops about how amazing this product is, seriously, you need to buy this. I understand that contouring is not for everyone, it’s a lot of aggravation, takes a lot of practise and sometimes the end results can be, let’s just say, less than desirable. But you are talking to the converted here and contouring really does help improve how defined your bone structure looks.

Some people choose to buy a bronzer and a highlighter separately which is fair enough, others choose to buy sets. This particular contour kit from Charlotte Tilbury has a ‘sculpt’ side and a ‘highlight’ side, both of which are powders. I’m not too keen on cream contour palettes, they’re messy, there’s aimage1 2 lot of blending involved and they don’t give the most natural finish. Whereas with this, you literally sculpt with powder and then put the highlighter on and you’re good to go in a matter of minutes. The colours aren’t too dark/bright either, which means you get a natural definition and a healthy glow. This is rather than, your cheekbones looking like an alien spacecraft signal every time someone walks past you.

The packaging is absolutely beautiful too, all metal with a gold finish and that big mirror which is pretty darn useful, what is not to love? However please do be careful with Charlotte Tilbury products. They are ridiculously expensive and some of them are not worth the money at all! For example, her concealer pen and eyebrow pencil are nothing special and there are lots of affordable low-end dupes you can buy.

I hope you enjoyed these mini-reviews, please let me know if you’d like to see more beauty/fashion posts! Also, as you can see, I’ve had some more tattoos done so an update will be posted soon 🙂