It’s Been an Eventful Month for British Politics…

…and I can’t say I’m too happy about it either. I’ve waited a while to write about this because I wanted to see what the immediate repercussions were before I passed any opinion.

First of all, the British public voted to leave the EU. Not Parliament, the British public. 52% of us voted leave, whilst 48% voted to remain. That is a mere 4% between the two factions and I think it’s fair to say that these figures suggest the public are completely divided on the EU issue. I voted remain, simply because I was fed up of immigration scaremongering. Whilst I agree that immigration is an issue, there are ways of combatting these problems without leaving the EU, such as bringing in a points system or quite simply accepting the fact that immigrants are human beings. Since the results, there have been horrifying instances of assaults fuelled by racism sweeping across the country. One polish family got hate mail posted through their letterbox and their shed burnt down, whilst Jo Cox was stabbed to death in her constituency for defending immigrants in Parliament, by a Britain First supporter. If I’ve learnt anything from these cases it’s that British people are uneducated and naive when it comes to immigration. Just because someone immigrates to your country, doesn’t mean that you’re any better than them or that you have the right to public services any more than they do. They’re a human being, they might be trying to make a better life for themselves and their families, they might be escaping conflict. It’s not fair to assume that all immigrants are criminals or all Muslims are terrorists trying to convert a whole community to Islam. These assumptions are quite simply ludicrous and there is plenty of information online about immigration statistics to suggest that actually, immigration is a benefit to Britain. I would also just like to say that before passing an opinion on a religion, people should take the time to read about it and understand it. ISIS is a completely different branch of Islam to that which we see in the UK, it is extreme and actually contradicts many principles of the faith.

I’m not going to complicate things in this blog post and start waffling on about economics or statistics, there are plenty of articles online which suggest that leaving the EU will seriously damage Britain both economically and politically. But did the British public listen to the experts? No they didn’t, that much is painfully obvious. Approximately £1.4 TRILLION left the UK economy in the first 24 hours after Brexit and surprise surprise, the experts were right, because things don’t seem to be improving. Moreover, that £350 million Nigel Farage promised leave voters and the NHS, seems to have disappeared down a dark dark drain full of lies and empty promises. I’d just like to point out too that maybe the real reason the NHS is failing is because of Jeremy Hunt’s cuts and not immigrants, oh no sorry, that’s not true is it, immigrants are to blame for EVERYTHING apparently, silly me.

A lot of people I know who voted leave, voted leave because they believe Britain should be independent again and I quote, “be able to make their own laws.” Anyone who’s studied the law system, at any level, will be able to tell you that actually we do make our laws quite successfully. Yes, we do have to follow regulations set out by the EU, or did, but they were there to protect us. In fact, despite being law, these regulations don’t really affect the British public as much as you might think and actually, the EU has very little say in a lot of our domestic policy. Jon Henley has written a fantastic article outlining a lot of myths about the ‘perils’ of the EU, which you can read here.

After the results came in it was such a shock that everything went completely tits up in Parliament. Cameron resigned, Farage hung up his frogs legs and Labour tried (and is still trying) to get rid of Corbyn. As a Corbyn supporter myself, I’ve had a considerable amount of backlash from Tories regarding Corbyn’s ability to manage the labour party successfully and lead the remain campaign. All I have to say in my defence is, practise what you preach. The whole country is in disarray because your leader, THE PRIME MINISTER, failed a remain campaign himself and has resigned as a result. Someone on my Facebook newsfeed actually had the gumption to say that she wondered how many people signing the petition for a second referendum actually voted remain in the first place. I nearly regurgitated.

I’m still very disappointed by the outcome of the EU referendum and I probably will be for a long time to come. I don’t honestly think the public were qualified to make such a decision either. Not everyone takes the time to read the facts, or do their research. Politicians lie, they tell you what you want to hear and that’s one of the reasons why I have so much respect for Jeremy Corbyn, he’s honest, in fact, perhaps he’s a bit too honest. The only positives that have come from the results of EU referendum is that it’s shaken Parliament up considerably, exposed party leaders for what they really are and made young people become more interested in politics.

I just hope in the future, those young people stand up for what they believe in and teach their own children to do the same.


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4 of the Best Reasons why Donald Trump is Literally an Imbecile (In Quotes).

Over the course of my 20 years I have had the exquisite experience of watching the American Election as it happened. Barack Obama vs John McCaine. I saw the first ever African American President get elected, live on TV.

Whilst some of you may not consider this to be a particularly riveting experience. (Granted I didn’t really enjoy it that much myself at the time either.) Couped up in a small hotel room in Florida, my father chugging six beers an hour, sprawled out on a double bed in nothing but his underpants, air con on, mum reading a book. I seem to recall there had been a tornado warning of all things, just to add to the climax.

Nevertheless I look back now and consider this to be a rather fond memory, and a turning point for the USA.

The first African American President. What a triumph.

But 10 years on and the Americans have blown it. Hilary Clinton vs Donald Trump I hear you whisper. No it can’t be! An Ex-Republican and an orange baboon in a syrup,  what is happening to the world?

The fact of the matter is, anyone who votes Trump to become the 45th President of the almighty United States of America, is literally a fucking idiot. That’s if of course, he even gets that far with his not to silly (anymore) self made campaign.

Over the past few weeks I have read some of Trumps best quotes as to why he should in fact claim the title. Here, in no particular order, are my favourites:

  • “I am putting the people on notice that are coming here from Syria as part of this mass migration that if I win, they’re going back. They’re going back, I’m telling you,”

The all knowing Trump then went on to say that you couldn’t be 100% sure refugees weren’t, as he put it, “ISIS.” Well as a matter of fact Donald, if you’d read the news lately, you might be aware these refugees are actually trying to escape ISIS, not promote it. Surely if they were happy with the way things were being done out there they’d stay? And no you can’t be 100% sure that refugees aren’t undercover terrorists, but there are preventive measures like the FBI that you so advocate. I’m quite sure that if someone wanted to bomb your pretty little tower in New York City, they’d go through a much less pain staking way of getting to the US than jumping on a boat to seek asylum. Like maybe buying a plane ticket? Oh no sorry, that’s a crazy idea.

  • On Mexican Immigration: “They’re not sending you, they’re sending people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime. They’re rapists and some, I assume, are good people, but I speak to border guards and they’re telling us what we’re getting.”

So for want of a better phrase, Trumpy is basically saying all Mexicans are criminals. Or at least that’s what he’s insinuating. It’s actually quite worrying that for someone who wants to become President, Trump has so much hatred for a bordering country to the USA. Even more so that this hatred is based on exaggerated stereotypes and what is basically racism. Considering the USA is such a diverse country in terms of ethnicity, a racist President is by no means something that would be ideal for its citizens. Least someone with so much money coupled with so much ignorance. On a less serious note, the end of Mexican culture in the US means a lack of Mexican food, which means a lack of guacamole. If that happens I will seriously lose my rag.

  • “26,000 unreported sexual assaults in the military, only 238 convictions. What else did these geniuses expect when they put men and women together?

Er definitely not rape if that’s what you mean Donald. I mean seriously you’re the one with a fart for a surname, use your imagination. I know you think all women should be classed as sexual objects, purely to fulfil the demands and urges of men. But I think in reality, (and most civilised people would agree), that is actually not the case. Stop condoning rape you misogynistic arsehole, and maybe learn to communicate with women WITHOUT putting your wrinkly penis in them. Just a thought.

Following on from this I have noticed that the majority of Trump supporters I have come across on Facebook, (in rather heated discussions on Huffington Post), are usually male ex-army warmongers. Naturally they lack any sense of empathy or liberal thought, and probably have the brain size of a peanut. But there is a notifiable correlation between war and Trump, which is worrying to say the least. After all he is a Republican.

  • On the Oregon Shooting: “I can make the case that if there were guns in that room other than his, fewer people would’ve died, fewer people would’ve been so horribly injured.”

So Donald you don’t believe in passing stricter gun laws? Well blow me, that’s the entire problem of gun violence just straight out the window then. To respond to gun violence with more gun violence is just a recipe for disaster. Gun crime and massacre is one of the fundamental issues within America contemporarily, and to come out with a phrase like that just shows that Trump has no real understanding of the issue. Trump also went onto say that “these things happen” a day after the shooting, and that perpetrators of such crimes are “sick as hell.” He gave no response as to how he would deal with the route cause of the problem: How guns are so easily accessible in American Society, and the lack of support for those with mental health issues. In my opinion the fact that Trump is so unwilling to prevent an issue in an ideal manner which affects so many American Citizens, clearly shows that as a President he really would be as selfish as he seems. Oh wait.

After reading this I do genuinely hope everyone agrees Donald Trump is an imbecile. Frankly, he’s a laughing stock in the UK and we are astounded he has so much support. America have built up nearly 10 solid years under Obama, and to throw it all away just for Trump to live in the Whitehouse and cause chaos, really does seem like a cheap deal. God forbid if his grand plans became a reality, I honestly believe America would go backwards rather than forwards.

I just hope the Yanks believe it too.

All Sources are taken from Newspaper Articles, News Websites and Trumpy’s personal Twitter Account. 

The European Immigration Crisis: Ordinary Peoples Perspectives.

The European Immigration Crisis is the moral dilemma that has been plaguing the minds of British public for the past several weeks. Everywhere I venture, both in person and electronically, people never seem to stop talking about it. When I’m visiting my 86 year old Grandmother, my family are talking about it. When I’m looking on my Facebook news feed, people are posting relevant news articles about it. I talk to my friends about it over lunch, and over text. I switch on the TV and news presenters are talking to “political experts” on the “crisis” which is disrupting the Euro Tunnel, railway stations and sea ports.

Whilst I don’t want to go into any specific details about the events that have been occurring all over the continent (that’s a newspapers job). I would like to point out that most of the immigrants trying to reach Western Europe are fleeing their home countries because of war or conflict, and that reaching their desired destination is by no means an easy or pleasant task.

Nevertheless what I do find interesting, is that everyone seems to have a different opinion on what should be done about the problem. If you think it’s politically correct to call it that of course. There is literally no right or wrong answer regarding an issue which affects so many people from all over the world. However most opinions seem to fall into one of two categories: Those who think it’s a good idea for Britain to provide refuge, and those who don’t.

Prior to writing this blog post I gathered some useful opinions from my university friends, and my family members. You could argue that this is not a diverse enough audience, but actually as it happens, my peers are very left-wing whilst my family are much more right-wing. Thus I was provided with both sides of a very large coin.

Below are some quotes of their viewpoints:

“Inhumane nonsense overriding compassion. There is space in Eastern Europe, Hungary, and many other EU nations who have a moral duty to take migrants. The people in Syria/Libya are being destroyed and the people of Britain are worried about a 1% rise in immigration.”

“Britain hasn’t taken even remotely anywhere near a respectable amount yet acts undignified whilst Germany show the way in how to respond to a global refugee crisis: by treating them as humans in a state of suffering.”

“I think it’s awful that mothers feel the need to put their children on a dingy to travel across the Mediterranean, to try and escape the horrors of war. But at the same time, when do we draw the line? The government need to exercise a stricter border policy in order to sort the refugee from the economic migrant. Australia have the right idea, and they’re not being criticised for taking a step back.”

“There’s many countries between here and Syria and/or other war-zones. They should be assisted there. Shouldn’t be the need for unsafe, or unregulated transport to Western Europe. Admittedly we should help but via charities, and helping them in countries closer to their homeland. As for the Calais crisis? More security is needed at the rail terminal and any attempt to enter the country illegally without legitimate reason or cause should be dealt with with accordingly. I’m pretty sure if I felt that France offered me better jobs, security etc, and I attempted to walk through the tunnel I’d be arrested. However my belief is that we deal with the main issues closer to (their) home.”

“I personally think we should be doing way more to provide support, both here and there. However, please tell me if I am missing something, (because I feel like everyone is talking about the EU), but why is everyone focused on the EU providing relief? Yes they are entering the EU but that is really the only place they CAN go. I feel like there must be a major reason no one is talking about the relief America, Canada and Australia could provide. If not by accepting a refugee quota then by donating clothes and financial aid? I don’t see why some of the poorer EU countries are taking the majority of the burden, just because they are situated near borders that people want to cross.”

“Reflecting on previous wars, we have always lionised people who have helped those fleeing war and yet now there is a contrast to those days of empathy. There is a sense of self-interest in the air, we cannot help these families because they may take ‘our’ jobs, ‘our’ benefits, ‘our’ healthcare system. I believe it’s a matter of doing the right thing and sharing refugees between countries. By doing that we are giving other EU countries the support they need.”

“I think it’s a tragedy we are even debating the how we should treat people fleeing war and oppression. The only difference between us and them is that they were born somewhere different. It galls and outrages me that David Cameron has been reluctant to let in not even enough refugees to fill a tube train, after months of pressure from people, he’s let in a minuscule amount over 5 years. Then the Prime Minister acts as if he was always in support of providing refuge. I think it is a terrible critique of our lack of compassion as a society that we have been so reluctant, and we have been put to shame by countries such as Iceland by how woefully we have acted. We are also isolating ourselves from the international community by not taking in our fair share.”

As you can see, there is a large variety of opinion amongst these paragraphs, and I could quite easily respond to every point in turn. The fact of the matter is, everyone is united on at least one front; that these people do require help regardless of their intentions. I agree that more needs to be done in order to provide these people with an escape from the horrors they face in their home countries. It is heart breaking to think that whole families risk losing one another, and are being put to these extremes just to try and rid themselves of such suffering.

However I do not believe that Britain should face the brunt of the crisis, and whilst we are the country with the best resources, those resources would not cope under a mass strain of immigrants. I am disappointed that David Cameron has done nothing more than put up a few fences, hire a few security guards and let loose some sniffer dogs. This is definitely a problem that needs to be tackled head on, and perhaps if Cameron had decided against bombing ISIS we wouldn’t be faced with this problem. Thus it is safe to say that all EU countries should help in the effort to provide refuge, and that more needs to be done in order to prevent people feeling the need to risk their lives crossing Europe in search of asylum.

Please comment below if you would like to share your own opinion on the Immigration Crisis, or have any responses to the viewpoints I have provided. 

Why I don’t support the “No More Page 3 Campaign” – My Perspective.

Sometime last week I came across the news on Facebook that page 3 had been scrapped. “No more having to be confronted with men gawping at women’s breasts first thing in the morning,” my cousin wrote. I rolled my eyes, this isn’t true feminism I thought to myself, this is women being uptight, women being old-fashioned.

I came to this conclusion over a period of time and rightly so when giving any opinion on a current event, you should do your research. The page 3 campaign has its own website, (which I urge everyone reading to check out, presumably if you have nothing  better to do), which provides “6 reasons why page 3 has to go.” None of these are particularly thought-provoking, in fact I recall feeling as if I’d been transported back to the Victorian Era when women were seen to “know their place” when reading them. How ironic.

Firstly they say how page 3 is “sexist” towards women, and how women should not be “celebrated” for their breasts. Moreover they basically insinuate that the Sun promotes rape and sexual violence towards women by including page 3 in their newspaper, and the idea that a woman’s “primary role” is to “serve men sexually.” The campaign also goes on to say this should not be an image projected to children, in a family newspaper, because it doesn’t teach them anything, and that it’s not ok to view women in this way. Pretty extreme stuff, which to be honest, in my opinion, has just blown a bit of soft pornography out the context waters.

I think we should all be aware that if anything women being able to appear topless in a newspaper is actually liberating. If a woman has a nice pair of breasts why shouldn’t she be allowed to make a living out of flaunting them as a glamour model? I don’t see women complaining when a man decides to take his shirt off and flaunt his rather chiselled physique professionally. Doesn’t mean that women is going to rape that man, doesn’t mean that a woman sees all men as sexual objects. It’s the same principle and if anything this campaign is a censorship scheme which revokes women’s equality and their rights.

What frustrates me even more is the fact that they play on the “innocent children” principle as well. All children see their mother’s breasts when they are a child, all children should know why women have breasts and to be perfectly honest I don’t remember even knowing what a newspaper was when I was a child, let alone remembering what was inside one. There are worse things in newspapers than a bit of soft pornography, there are other things more horrific that children are exposed to every day in the media.

Therefore I feel that trying to scrap page 3 is not a demonstration of feminism and is in fact quite the opposite. Feminists should be taking the time to promote other acts feminism, like women liberating their bodies and Emma Watson in the UN, things that would actually make a difference to people’s lives. If you don’t like page 3, don’t buy the Sun it’s as simple as that.